Is Black Americans' support rise for Trump re-election campaign

Will the 2020 election surprise come to us from an unexpected direction? The feeling is that there is a real earthquake quietly away from the camera's floodlights. The world of images it reminds me of is a puma that will quietly emerge from the bushes and attack on command day.

In this article, I will try to explain the dizzying rise in black vote support rates for President Trump, which is up by the recent Emerson poll of 34% (!!!). Traditionally, the black vote in the US goes to the Democratic Party. The black vote is also the most loyal to the Democratic Party and the percentages of support are also highest. Here, for example,is how racial voting split in the 2016 election.

The reasons for the dramatic increase, as I understand best, are the following:

1  The recent Democratic Party agenda holds that open immigration & "Abolish ICE" settings need to be maintained. Usually, those who are most affected by immigrant entry are the weakest workers in the company who rely on minimum wage, and in most cases they are Afro-American workers. The feeling is that the progressive agenda, which is devoted to issues of no concern to the black audience, is causing voters to stop and think these are the values ​​they are looking for in the 2020 election?

2 The feeling that many have been talking about recently that the captive Afro-Americans audience is no longer counted in the Democratic Party, after for decades the black voice automatically goes to the Democratic Party. In the summer of 2019, President Trump entered into a real debate with Congressman Elijah Cummings (who just recently past away), who represents the city of Baltimore.Baltimore, is the U.S. capital of murder, just a half-hour drive from the Washington DC capital.


The debate that the President created with the late  Congressman Cummings, that sent him to address the city's problems, came from a real spotlight on issues of the black community  facing the Democratic Party in what Americans call "Inner City Politics," which is the neighborhood politics that characterizes the slums neighborhoods where a Serious large portion of the community live.

The tweet was the trigger dozens of hours of broadcasting, including analyzing the factual question of whether black voters, who have lived in cities controlled for decades by the Democratic mayor, are treated fairly. US Minister of Construction and Housing, Dr. Ben Carson on this matter at the Tucker Carlson tonight show:

3 And perhaps the most important and significant issue is the issue of black unemployment. In October 2019, a record has been set since race-based labor measurements began in 1972. At the beginning of November, statistics show that the percentage of African-Americans in the US has dropped to the lowest in recorded history, only 5.4% of the black population of the US. Attached here is a diagram illustrating the fall in unemployment from January 2017, President Trump's entry into office:

  1. Black celebrity support, coming out and publicly showing that they support President Trump has become routine. Perhaps the most famous is rapper Kanye West, who repeatedly stated that he supports President Trump:I LOVE THIS GUY.

Famous golfer, Tiger Woods arrived in the White House in May this year, to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The new Conservative star of Black American Young, Candace Owens, a BLEXIT movement leader who participated in the hearing, became the viral Of the President, on all the many platforms on which she is interviewing and writing.

But perhaps most important, President Trump's personal struggle to release rapper A$AP Rocky, from prison in Sweden after attacking a fan who has been harassing him, which continues to this day, against the Swedish government. The president intervened following the Kardashians' request to try to release the rapper. This was not the first time the president intervened in the treatment of Afro-American prisoners at the request of the "Royal Family" of the Kardashians. Even earlier, the President adopted the program introduced by Kim Kardashian for prison reform, accepted as being implemented these days, and short-cut for it by this relevant audience.



In the 2016 election, it was the blue-collar workers of the "rust belt" in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania who handed Trump the presidency on a silver platter. Will the next big story of the 2020 election be America's Black Voice?

Time will tell….

Author Kobby Barda is the head of the "GAL Program" for Political Leadership at The Academic Center for Law& Science College, Israel, and an expert on American politics. Author of the book: "The Key to Understanding Donald J. Trump."

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